Memories Never Fade..

When I sit back and look at all the amazing memories and times that I’ve shared with people, I can’t help but think how fast time flies by; how fast we continue onto the future and forget about the moments we just experienced. I personally enjoy reminiscing on my memories and I think the best way to do so, is through pictures!IMG_0130

This is my amazing FAMILY; my sister Valerie and my favorite person on this planet, my mom Cheryl, is beside her.These two are the most vital components to my life. They have been in my life since day 1 and they have been the most influential people to me. Always supporting any of my decisions and making sure I’m always on the right track! They continue to inspire me and push me to be a better person every day. I love them with all of my heart.

Growing up I emerged myself into a plethora of sports and activities. I like to tell people that, “I’m naturally good at everything I do. But I’m never the best.” To be honest, I would always think back and wonder why I said that. I mean it was true, I was always physically inclined. I was the point guard on the basketball team for my catholic school, I learned how to play the piano and read most notes, and I made a World Champion winning All Star Cheerleading team… Yet, I was still not the best… I just never understood why it bothered me so much. But, I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion; After living in 7 different states over the course of my life (All in order: Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, Miami, Orange County CA, and NYC), meeting a substantial amount of different people, and searching for my purpose in life, that theres more to life than being the best. It’s about being DIVERSE, being Authentic, and being a TEAM PLAYER.  If you can attain these qualities, then that makes you the “BEST” person all around.


I’ve lived an amazing and eventful life, thus far. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities and I don’t take it for granted at all. I just have taken what I was given in life and I’ve been working since the age of 16, back at my first job, in a sweaty and musty Chuck E Cheese mouse costume to become who I am today. My mission is to show you that DIVERSITY is beautiful, HARDWORK is the key to success, and it’s okay to be AUTHENTIC to who you truly are inside.


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