Diesel Sample Sale

If you have ever watched Confessions Of a Shopaholic, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “Sample Sale”. A sample sale is sort of, a designers gift to the fashion obsessed. It’s the opportunity of the life time to grab designer merchandise for DIRT CHEAP! To be honest, when I first moved to NYC, I had no idea that sample sales were an actual thing. I literally thought, they were exclusive and super secretive, that only high profiled “somebodies” were allowed to attend and snag such amazing deals. I thought this until one of my friends from fashion school told me, that they went to the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale. This made me furious, that I missed a chance to grab the Pashli tote and backpack, for $150 each! That’s literally considered a steal compared to the $895 price, that they start at! But anyways I’ll catch it the next time around… Back to Diesel.

The sample sale was FULL of regular Diesel products, as well as product from their more upscale exclusive line, Diesel Black Gold. Every item in the store was marked 75% off from the regular retail price… Right as I entered the Century 21 building, where the  sample sale was being hosted in a blocked off section, I was on a mission to find the best items, for the best deals. They had every style of jean that they make! (Womens: Skinzee, Livier, Grupee, Getlegg, Fayza, and etc. / Mens: Larkee, Shioner, Thavar, Sleenker, and etc.). I use to work at a Diesel store back when I lived in Rhode Island, so I know a lot about the product and the at cost price, which helped me stay focused on finding the products that were actually worth buying. I decided that I really didn’t need anymore jeans to add to my closet, so I ditched that section and kept it moving. *As you guys get to know me more, you’ll find out about my psycho obsession with bags…* When I saw the Diesel bag section I wanted to cry… All the beautiful leather and hardware all in one section! I had to continue past before, I was sucked into buying a bag that I didn’t need at all! That’s when I ended up dead smack in front of the leather jackets. Now, I’ve been on a leather jacket search for a good 2-3 years now.. *Yes, I really have been looking to purchase a leather jacket for 2-3 years and just haven’t had luck finding the perfect one that I was willing to splurge on.*IMG_8748That all changed when I saw this Leather Diesel Jacket that retails for $1098 and with the 75% off came down to an amazing $274! With all of the detail and hardware, I knew it was coming home with me the minute I put it on my back. It’s such a beautiful jacket, that’s made of a beautiful soft leather. The jacket is sort of heavy, after walking around the city all day and carrying a bag, your body will feel sore, or at least mine did! Next I was on my way to the shoe section, which was UNBELIEVABLE! There was every Diesel shoe that you could possibly imagine / dream of! At this point I sort of lost it and just started snatching boxes because people were acting CRAZY! I ended up debating over 3 different boots.

The first pair of boots are ones that I actually already own from the Diesel Black Gold collection, I found them at a Nordstrom rack back in RI for $50 and they retail for $550! It was a steal that I couldn’t pass up, about 2 years ago. Well, I literally have worn those boots out. Mine are pretty beat up, so that tempted me to snatch this pair up. The next pair I tried on were a similar style military combat lace up boot. I love this military combat style simply because of how classic it is, and how you can pair the boot with any outfit and still kill it! What really got me about the second pair of combat boots were the DETAIL. It looked as if they took a laser and put slices in the leather of the boot! I think that small detail is what stands out the most! The last pair I tried on and instantly fell in love with, was a pair of Diesel Black Gold chelsea boots. Now chelsea boots are my favorite type of boot to wear in general. There’s just something about the simple & chic look that a chelsea boot gives an outfit. It can turn a normal everyday outfit into a more put together night look, just by throwing on a pair of chelsea boots. These boots were special though because they’re so different and the DETAIL was so exquisite and precise. So after having a heart attack over deciding what boot to choose, I was finally ready to check out. By the time the cashier is ringing up my stuff the total came out to $1,945 for 3 items in total, My nephews Diesel winter parka (Retail for: $179 Bought for: $44), Diesel Leather Studded Jacket (Retail: $1,098 Bought for: $274), and Diesel Black Gold chelsea boots (Retail: $515 Bought: $127). I ended up saving roughly around $1,400! WHAT A STEAL!!!

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