At the end of every year, I tend to look back and re-evaluate all of the trials and tribulations I overcame, that brought me to where I am today. It’s very motivating for me, and keeps me pushing for the future. It’s mainly because it reminds me, that I can overcome ANYTHING. You have to be okay with your past, to be ready and confident in the future. Take everything you’ve learned in the past year, and keep pushing forward toward your dreams and goals!

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New Years was amazingto say the least! I planned my outfit for New Years about 3 months ago. Sleeping outside on 5th Ave, was totally worth the opportunity to own such exclusive gorgeous articles of clothing, that I will have and cherish forever. My clothes hold many memories, constantly reminding me of adventures, events, or even special times that I’ve spent with my friends and family. The shirt was hand sewn with crystals, beads, and faux pearls; pictures don’t do it justice at all!FullSizeRender

Happy New Year My Loves


My Outfit Details:

Fabergé Button Up: H&M X BALMAIN

Denim: Michael Kors

Boots: Zara

Jovan Tevin (On the Left) Outfit Details:

Hat: Forever 21

Blazer: ASOS

Shirt: Express

Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Aldo

Marcus Monterio (On the Right) Outfit Details:

Blazer: H&M

Bow Tie:

Shirt: H&M

Pants: Forever 21


I hope you guys enjoyed this SLAY OF THE DAY!

Stay Fashionably Lost!


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