Jaden Smith & Louis Vuitton; Thank You For Promoting Gender Fluidity

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I have a feeling that the doctor, or whoever was left in charge, the day I was born; forgot to read & give me a copy of,  The How To Act Like A Masculine Male Or Like A Feminine Female instruction manual. I know for sure, I never received this ‘manual’; as well as, never offered a Masculine Male class. So, the fact that many  people have the nerve, to tell me, that I, don’t act like a masculine male; I act like a feminine female; which blows my mind! Please, take the time out of your day, to locate this manual for me. While you’re at it, explain the equation, that was used to calculate my femininity/masculinity. I’m pretty sure, the objects I own, gestures I make, and my mannerisms; all don’t have genders. So explain how the 3 factors that you observed, automatically place me in a gender category? How does it correlate in any way, to what I self identify as; ethnicity, gender, or even sexual orientation. I dress and act the way I do because, it’s who I personally am; and the way I envision my own lifestyle. I am tired of being asked, “Are you wearing girls clothes?”, because the only response you’ll get is, “No, I’m wearing my clothes. I bought them, they fit me, and I’m comfortable with the way I look in them. Now that you know whose clothes I’m wearing; could you please enlighten me, how my clothing attained a gender?” I’m comfortable in my own skin; enough to embrace my self identity, as well as, not care what gender classification you gave to an inanimate object. I’m grateful for many of the adults I’ve grown up with.  They’ve consistently pushed me; to be whoever I want, and be happy with who I am. I love that I have this strange obsession with cars; both vintage and new; just as much, as the next ‘masculine’ male! I also have a very large collection of ridiculously expensive handbags; exactly like many ‘feminine’ females. *this does not make me anymore masculine or feminine.* I’ve played an abundant amount of sports; from baseball, boxing, basketball, and cheerleading; *this as well, does not make me anymore masculine or feminine.* I am proud to say that I am a well rounded individual! *Not male or female, because gender is unimportant.* I accept everyone for who they are, as well as, how they perceive/self identify themselves. I know, I only have one chance at life, and I’m 100% positive, that I’m living the most happy and authentic life I can. Simply because, I’m true to myself.

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Gender Fluidity, is apart of our millennial generation; whether you like it, or not. Either way, I REFUSE TO CONFORM, TO YOUR MAINSTREAM IDEOLOGIES ON HOW A MALE OR FEMALE SHOULD ACT! Say whatever you wish, give me dirty looks, or you could even take pictures of me, while you point & laugh. But just remember,  I will forever and always walk with my head high; proud to be an authentic human being, embracing every aspect of my being.

So I just wanted to take the time and say, ‘Thank you’, to Jaden Smith and Nicolas Ghesquiere; for their efforts to promote gender fluidity, in the Louis Vuitton, SS16 ad campaign. Jaden, you’re an authentic person; constantly taking a stand against mainstream ideologies & inspiring millions of teens to embrace who they truly are inside, and hopefully; finally come out of their shells. 

Thank you and Congratulations on the Ad Campaign!

Stay Fashionably Lost!

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