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As you learn more about me, you’ll start to notice; I am a very detail oriented shopper. It’s like I have a compulsive obsession with the, small details that a designer incorporates, into their products. Whether they added fringe, leather detailing/lining, studs, special stitching (color/design wise), or even pleating of some type; seems to always captivate my attention. At the beginning stages, of falling in love with luxury items; I was mainly intrigued  by the fact that, the products were; exclusive & expensive. But as I continue to emerge myself deeper into the crazy fashion world, I’ve started to notice; fashion is more than just a designer name or fashion show. I’ve started to fall in love with, the craftsmanship, hard work, and stories; that the designers spend a tedious amount of hours trying to create & perfect. Next time you’re in a expensive designer store, take the time to admire the small details of a jacket, bag, or even wallet. *Just please, try not to get too captivated; next thing you know; you’ll be at the register, swiping your card… I mean, that’s what always happens to me!*

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Just take a look at the details that, my jacket and belt have; anyone can go out and buy a plain black leather jacket, or even a plain black belt. Without the small details added, you’re playing it too safe and you’re being boring; not catching the attention of others! Lets face it, we’ve all seen the, classic plain leather black jacket; so, try to stand out for a change, and try something different. Something with details!

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My boots are another perfect example; I could easily be wearing all black, and just by throwing these boots on, captivate peoples attention, simply because, it’s something they’ve never seen before.

Beanie: Coach Mens

Leather Jacket: Diesel

T-shirt: H&M

Denim: Michael Kors

Belt: Diesel

Boots: Diesel – Black Gold Collection

Bag: Celiné: Small Luggage

Thank You Loves

Stay Fashionably Lost!

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