Street Diamonds – The Central Park Girls

When my life finally slows down, allows me to take a break, and finally get some free time; I love spending that time frolicking around the city. On this day, I just so happened; to be frolicking around Central Park. I was walking around The Met, on the 85th St. transverse; taking in the fresh air and viewing all the winter foliage. When, I stumbled upon a stunning group of girls! They seemed like they were “the best of friends“, and were glowing with excitement, for being in the city. These girls are the prime definition of a Street Diamond; casually chic & radiating, good vibes. I didn’t get the chance to ask; what or who, they were wearing… I just loved, how they were so, effortlessly chic with their own individual, sense of styles. I applaud them, for the way they put their outfits together!

Girl’s Instagram:




Embrace your own individual style!


Stay Fashionably Lost!

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