Celiné Small Luggage Review



I must say; my bag collection means more to me, than my unborn child. I don’t know why, but I just have an obsession with designer bags. It might be; the way the leather smells, when you open the dust bag for the first time, or even the smoothness of the luxurious leather. Either way, I don’t discriminate on brand, monogram / non monogramed, or even the specific style; I just personally have a love for designer handbags.

My Celiné Small Luggage in Spazzolato Calfskin leather, is the Holy Grail, of my collection at the moment. I’m pretty sure, the number one reason I love this bag is the minimalistic design. I love bags; that are structured and have sleek lines throughout. I bought my Celiné, as gift to myself for finally moving to NYC & attending a fashion business school. I don’t regret the purchase at all, and I’ve used the bag consistently since. Here’s my list of pros & con:


Thick leather
Tons of space.
Fits 13 in Macbook pro.
Easy to clean.
Good in rain due to leather.

VERY HEAVY with and without things in the bag it is extremely heavy!
Zippers are extremely hard to use while you’re walking.
Big so isn’t ideal for the subway.

Either way, I love this bag and I don’t think it’ll be leaving me anytime soon!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Forever 21

TShirt: H&M

Joggers: Military Store located in the East Village

Sneakers: Adidas Boost Yeezy 350

Bag: Celiné Small Luggage Tote

Stay Fashionably Lost!

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