Street Diamond – Jovan Tevin

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It’s a rare thing to meet such a kind & care free spirited person; I’m extremely happy to have met my best guy friend, Jovan Tevin. We’ve known each other for around 6 years now, and even though we haven’t lived in the same state for over 3 years now; whenever we’re together we are constantly creating memories! We’ve pierced people’s ears before, gotten into a couple crazy altercations, fought over the stupidest things, and even moved to Miami together; winning the 2013 All Star Cheerleading worlds. Jovan’s style is unique with a classy/funky twist, and could not be recreated by a single soul. Thank you Jovan Tevin for being a class act, and most importantly my best friend.

Follow his Insta: @Jett94

Jovan’s Outfit Details from the pictures at the top:

Trench Coat – Zara

Scarf – Burberry

Shirt –

Jeans –

Shoes –

Bag – Saint Laurent Paris

Stay Fashionably Lost!

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